Be the you, you came to be…It’s all you can really do IF you want to be happy!



We humans are forever getting caught up in the belief that somehow, someway we are incomplete, we are flawed, we lack something in some way or, of course, we would have all that our heart desires. We would indeed be HAPPY. Right? Wrong! We often believe that once we have money, security, perfect health, careers we love or a very nice retirement account that allows us to do whatever we want…than we will be happy. This simply, honestly is not true. Make your own list but know this, ‘stuff’ really doesn’t matter. Each of us is born whole and complete regardless of what parents, society, teachers or anybody has trained us to believe. These role models were no doubt well intending, trying desperately to ‘prepare’ us for the hard, cold realities of life. The mistake they made is that they themselves were trained exactly in that way and because they have never thought to question their beliefs, they simply pass them on to us. Sadly, it’s mostly lies.


We are not our thoughts or our beliefs. Not even close. We are all so much more, so much grander, so much more powerful and creative than what we have fallen prey to believe and those beliefs thwart our happiness. True happiness is never about stuff, money, possessions, the fancy car or the million dollar house. I have personal fitness trained hundreds of extraordinarily wealthy individuals and only the tiniest percentage of those people have actually found their way to happiness. It wasn’t the money that afforded them joy, it was their willingness to go within and sift through their beliefs, contemplating each one carefully and make a conscious decision as to which beliefs they would hold onto and which ones they would release…for good! Yes, we CAN do just that! We always have a choice and yet I realize it can feel like an impossibility to actually change what you have believed since you were a child. It is not! It is work and takes persistence and conviction but, it is not impossible.


Deciding to be as fully and authentically ‘you,’ as best you can, is the first and most important step. No more masks! Come to all situations as the ‘you’ you know in your heart you are. Yes, this can be scary but I promise the rewards are over the top worth it. Be prepared for confusion on the part of others because as you change they too will be forced to act differently with you. That’s okay. Things will smooth out. Anytime we come from our truth and from our heart with genuine love, it works out. Promise. Yes, this requires trust and a leap of faith but again…so worth it! It is also entirely possible that you are all together unsure who ‘you’ really are. Many people get lost along their path because they have worn so many masks for so long they lose themselves. It happens more often than you think. ‘You” however are never really lost. The way back to yourself is one of honesty and determination. Decide to make it an adventure, an exciting process of choosing what it is that resonates in your heart. THAT is who you really are. If anything you consider feels less than positive, it is a mask and/or a belief that is not true for you. LET IT GO! Methodically and steadily move forward through each segment of your day conscious of staying centered in your heart, thoughtful about what you say and how you act. When it feels the least bit unpleasant…you have slipped back into a mask. THAT”S OKAY! This will happen for some time. Old habits do die hard. As you are persistent however, you will stay more of the time in your truth and you will become proficient, authentic and…happy!!! Remember that true happiness requires we BE who we came forth to be. Nothing more and nothing less. You will find your way and don’t be afraid to ask your angels, guides and higher power for help all along the way. The non-physical cannot intervene without your permission so, be sure to give them “carte blanch” all along the way. Help will show up and in ways that will thrill and amaze you. We are NEVER alone here but there again, we often forget this. Be light and playful about this. Be patient and gentle with yourself and chose to enjoy the process. All is well and I wish you true and lasting happiness for ever more.