Do you love yourself enough to take excellent care of YOU?

  Fitness is but one small part of being a truly healthy individual. We are in a new and exciting era where we are remembering that we create our health through the thoughts we think first and foremost and then, through the choices we make in caring for ourselves. I encourage you to stop giving […]

Respect and awe create a healthy body, mind & spirit.

      So few people recognize the truly miraculous gift that it is to have a human body. Right? Most of us realize we are more than our bodies in that we have a soul or spirit that occupies the vessel we call a body but that’s where it ends. We tend to reside […]

Things to consider as the year winds down.

    The years go by faster and faster just as my dear Mother said they would. Interestingly, each year I am still surprised by it. We are often given advice and warnings by our elders that we simply disregard yet to often, it comes back to haunt us. I have several 80+ clients that […]

Tips for caring for yourself through the Holidays.

  We are all aware, in some cases painfully so, of the stress the Holidays bring to our lives. Yet, it IS the most magical, love filled time of year.  Wouldn’t it be a shame to thwart any of the beauty of it with feelings of guilt, resentment or fear? Sadly, many of us do […]

It’s time to shake it up!

    There simply is no better time to rethink your fitness program then when the seasons change. This entire part of the planet is in the process of slowing down, pulling inward and rejuvenating. I have to admit to being partial to workouts that take me outside; nature has always had such an uplifting […]

Is all snacking bad?

  When it comes to snacks, certainly not all are created equally. Snacking can actually be helpful to those of us looking to watch our weight or even lose weight…yes it’s true, not all snacking is a bad thing. First and foremost, a huge factor to consider when attempting to lose weight is that of […]