Certified Personal Fitness Training

At the Fitness Connection we only have certified personal fitness trainers on staff. We are all CPR and first aid certified as well. In addition, it is mandatory for all new trainers to “ shadow” me for a couple of weeks, as well as undergo one on one training with me on the specifics of how we proceed in this facility. Many of us have several additional certifications and we are involved in continuing education.

I pride myself on providing clients with the safest and most effective programs designed to assist them in obtaining their personal fitness goals in a timely manner. It is also a trademark of mine that one is not required to experience undue soreness from our programs. It has been proven through extensive research that soreness is not necessary in the process of becoming stronger and healthier. We take our time progressing the body as it dictates and obtain great results doing so.

The relationship that you will build with your personal fitness trainer is one of trust and enjoyment. Our style of training is one of education. In my experience, people want to know what they are working, why they are working it in that manner and how, by strengthening that area, they will have a better quality of life. Your program will be varied and rarely resemble a workout you had of late.

The body is so smart that I found it imperative to mix the workouts up so as to keep the body guessing. If it gets into a familiar pattern, it will plateau and progress will come to a halt. Our goal is to never allow that to happen.

At the Fitness Connection you will feel the deep sense of dedication, heartfelt sincerity and strong knowledge base that surrounds you. Whether you are a newcomer to exercise or a veteran, we are confident that you will experience the highest level of care and professionalism available at our facility.