Certified Nutrition Counseling

At the Fitness Connection we really do not advocate diets on the whole. Our philosophy is that dieting ultimately makes people fatter. We are however firm believers in eating a varied food program high in nutrient-rich foods. Eating from all three main food groups—lean proteins, healthy fats and low starch/sugar carbohydrates—as well as getting plenty of pure water is essential.

As the owner of the Fitness Connection, I have become certified under the guidelines of Dr. Jane Pentz, of Lifestyle Management Associates. She has made diet and nutrition her life work and travels the country teaching certification workshops.

Initially it is typical for me to request that the client journal their food intake for a few days so I can get a feel for their possible problem areas. We will then discuss what they have been eating versus what they can substitute in to replace unhealthy food choices. Ordinarily I will have to ask a client to begin drinking significantly more water and to begin reading labels for all the hidden sugars and chemicals that they will want to avoid. Getting the proper amounts of healthy fat and lean protein is another goal. Being selective while choosing their carbohydrates is also important.

Generally, we are simply helping people to take a very healthy and well rounded approach to their food program. Eating well is a lifelong endeavor. Therefore extremes and fad diets are just not an option.