Eileen Corbin, RN, BSN

I was born in Decorah, Iowa. I have three sons and four granddaughters. I also claim my husband’s four children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. You can tell we have a busy family and that is just another reason to stay as healthy as possible to keep up with the family events. I have now been in North Carolina for nearly 30 years. The mountains are beautiful and I do not miss the longer winters in the Midwest.

My journey in life has been a beautiful learning curve. So many people have inspired and motivated me throughout my life while pursuing my goals up to this point in my life. The journey for me will continue and I look forward to pursuing new goals within in the physical fitness arena.

Having experienced good health throughout my life; at 60 years of age, my health began to take another journey. It was overwhelming at first and these changes included hypertension, high cholesterol, soreness in areas that I had never experienced before and my bone density scores were also dropping. When I could not sleep on my sides without intense pain in my shoulders, episodes of shortness of breath upon climbing stairs at home; I began to realize that I just was not in good physical condition.

I began working with personal trainers at the Fitness Connection in year 2006 and I have not stopped training workouts since the first day that I began. I absolutely did not realize that I was so “unfit”. After working full time as a nurse for years and lots of walking at work, etc., I had truly believed that I was in great physical shape. What happened?

After the initial assessment and after beginning my first week of training, I realized how my muscle endurance was very weak. After the 2nd training workout which included biceps with a 2# weight load, my writing hand was shaky and I was not able to write clearly for a couple of hours. I knew then that I must pursue this training so that I could get strong and gain back muscle that I had lost through the years. Within a few weeks of starting the workouts, I began to feel strength in my upper and lower body and was feeling so much better. I also was able to sleep on my sides again without pain. I had energy again.

So, in 2009, I wanted to study fitness training, but I fractured my first wrist while in an icy parking lot at work. Then in 2010, I broke the other wrist from a fall while walking my dog at the lake. So that goal was put on hold for awhile.

Through these journeys, I have now become more flexible, more balanced, and so much stronger. Through weight use, I have been able to keep my bone health also in good standing.

I invite you to visit our gym and I will be most happy to help you plan a physical fitness journey so that you can enjoy your daily adventures that you would love to be involved with again. I feel deep compassion in helping others and I would be most excited to be a part of your journey with physical fitness training. Being a part of someone’s desire to have a healthy lifestyle is very exciting for all involved.

Life is very special to me and I am very passionate about feeling good so that I can be actively involved with many daily activities at home, work and enjoy my life to the maximum that I can. If you decide to take care of your physical fitness goals and commit yourself to a goal; you will also be engaging in an everlasting healthy lifestyle endeavor. I am here to help you with those goals. Safe fitness workouts will be personalized for your needs with a wide variety of training methods here at the Fitness Connection.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA-International Sports Sciences Association. And I am also a RN and graduated from WCU.