Healing Energy

Healing energy treatments to enhance health, release energy blocks and heal physical and emotional wounds, have been used for more than 5,000 years. A person’s habits, behaviors and past experiences can result in energy blockages and the deterioration, toxicity, and manifestation of illness in the body and mind. The gentle yet powerful healing modalities of Quantum Touch, Reiki, and Tapping effectively restore one’s balance and harmony, leading to wellbeing. When combined with yoga, Pilates, and other energy balanced practices, optimal health is the result.

Reiki, Quantum Touch and Tapping treatments vary in length based on the needs of each client. The length of a session varies from client to client and from session to session. A session typically ranges from 30 to 90 minutes. Cost of the treatments is $45 to $75. Payment is due at the time of service. A love offering is accepted when client is unable to pay the full fee and demonstrates willingness for continued self-improvement. Payment method should be agreed upon before the treatment.
For more information about these holistic healing modalities and how to schedule a session, please read below.

Healing Energy Treatments

Reiki: A noninvasive, natural healing process in which the Reiki practitioner serves as a conduit of spiritual healing energy (Reiki) to clear and balance the client’s spiritual, mental, physical and emotional systems and auras. Reiki and is never harmful is especially powerful when the client is open to the healing energy; likewise, the client can stop Reiki’s influence at free will. Reiki releases negative energies contributing to one’s stress, pain, physical and emotional ailments, sleeplessness and loss of purpose. It promotes healing, relaxation and clarity. Services vary from an overall body treatment to aura clearing, distance healing, Chakra clearing and clearing physical spaces. For more information about Reiki, please visit www.reiki.org. Contact Rose at 828-550-2051.

Quantum Touch

This noninvasive modality is similar to Reiki and Healing Hands in many ways. The practitioner serves as a conduit allowing Source Energy to flow through, re-balance and restore homeostasis/harmony to the body, mind, and emotional body. Energy blocks, emotional traumas and physical/mental disease that may have been with you for a lifetime, are broken through and released. Hydration is essential for both the practitioner and client providing an ideal environment for the energy to be transmitted. For more information regarding Quantum Touch please visit www.quantumtouch.com. Contact Kim at 828-734-0305.

Tapping/E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Tapping/E.F.T. is nothing less than amazing, touting an 80% cure rate for almost every ailment imaginable. Founded in over 5000 yrs. Chinese wisdom and proven technology, this modality is noninvasive, utilizes specific acupressure points and the body’s energy pathways, known as meridians. By sending microscopic electrical currents through the meridians by gently tapping specific acupressure points mental, physical and emotions blocks are broken down and released permanently. Hydration is required. For more information please visit www.emofree.com. Contact Kim at 828-734-0305.

For appointments and fees for Reiki please contact Rose Johnson at 828-550-2051. For appointments and fees for Quantum Touch and E.F.T. please contact Kim May at 828-734-0305. We look forward to assisting you.