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Standing free weight work is another excellent approach to improving core balance and strength.

TRX Suspension training is ideal for all ages and fitness levels. With constant core involvement, the benefits are amazing!

Mike is watching his clients carefully encouraging them to use good form and be careful with the dumbbells near their heads!

Mike spots his client as she uses the Smith Machine for a bench press exercise to train her chest muscles.

Couple training is another great option at the Fitness Connection. Each client shares the Trainer and the cost but each a lot of one on one attention.

Lisa Falbo, PFT is a super fit and enthusiastic certified Trainer ready to serve your fitness needs.

The R.O.M. Time Machine, 8 minute total body workout, is THE REAL DEAL! For those people with tight schedules or to supplement any training regime, this machine is both effective and efficient! It gets RESULTS!

Eileen is explaining a new exercise to her client. Peggy in the fore ground is training with Kim on the TRX Suspension system.

Stacked weight training is a great alternative to free weights when a client's needs dictate it is the safest approach and, adds variety.

Meredith is one of Eileen's star clients who absolutely adores TRX Suspension training.

Training on the TRX Suspension system is ideal for core strength. Every exercise, all 700+ available, requires the core to be involved in each and everyone.

The clients and Trainers enjoy the variety of equipment and exercise options available at the Fitness Connection.

Here is Mike encouraging his client to use good form and body mechanics.

Lisa often trainers along with her clients both as motivation and to assist them in staying on pace.

Mike counts down to support his client who is doing his best to finish that set!

The Rip System is yet another type of equipment designed to work the core while targeting specific muscles at the same time.

Some clients really put their all into the workout and Lisa is impressed as her client does just that!

Mike Simonson, PFT, manager

Eileen Corbin, PFT, TRX Specialist

Eileen Corbin, PFT, TRX Specialist squeezing her own workout in as she trains hard on the TRX Suspension system.

From left to right: Kim May, PFT, owner, Mike Simonson, PFT, manager and Eileen Corbin, PFT, TRX Specialist.

From left to right: Kim May, PFT, owner, Eileen Corbin, PFT, TRX Specialist and Mike Simonson, PFT, manager