Kim May

Hi, I'm Kim May owner of the The Fitness Connection, certified Personal Fitness Trainer of 27 yrs. and a certified group fitness instructor of 30 yrs.; mother of an awesome 16 yr. old daughter, Kira, wife to a wonderful, creative and talented builder/contractor, Wade, licensed Science of Mind Practitioner and Secretary of the Board at the The Creative Thought Center; a facilitator of healing as a trained Practitioner of Quantum Touch and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) and as we all are, much, much more. Credentials, though important, are not 'the end all, be all' of a person.

The truth of who I am is this. I am a powerful creator, a spiritual being having a human experience, an eternal piece of the All That Is choosing to have a life contributing powerfully to the expansion of consciousness. Of course, that too is the truth of every other creation that exists. Some of us are awake to this and some are not which is divinely perfect...ALL is divinely guided and unfolding in perfect right order at the exact perfect time...this is my heart's truth, my deeply committed belief and so it supports and is at the basis of what I do, be and am.

That being said, here is what I have been up to for the bulk of my career. I have taught swimming from the time I was 10 and moved into teaching water exercise at age 20 continuing through age 46. Over the years I taught group fitness classes of all kinds having obtained my certification as an instructor in 1985. I became a certified Personal Fitness Trainer in 1987. I was employed by Duke Diet and Fitness (1982), Structure House (1983) and Metro Sport Athletic Club (1982-1988) all located in Durham, NC functioning in multiple positions, all health and fitness related, all in an instructor/trainer capacity.

I became self-employed as a Personal Fitness Trainer in 1989. I moved to Lake Arrowhead California in 1991 and was employed by the county of Rialto as a Weight Room Instructor Trainer/Supervisor, Aerobic Class Fitness Coordinator and Water Exercise Instructor/Trainer/Supervisor in a large Park and Recreation Center. In 1992 I was hired by Ice Castle International Olympic Figure Skating Facility, in Lake Arrowhead, CA, to supervise and manage an Aerobics Fitness branch, open to the public. I then began to build my own Personal Training business on the side in Lake Arrowhead and went full time with it in 1994.

I moved back to NC in 1996 and became pregnant with my miracle baby girl Kira. I took a year and a half off from my fitness profession, resuming in 1998 teaching a “Mommy and Me” exercise class for Haywood Regional Health and Fitness Center. I continued working for them for six and a half years, instructing various classes as well as Personal Training. In 2000 I was also hired at the area’s newest facility, The Waynesville Park and Recreation Center. I was their exclusive Personal Fitness Trainer until I opened my own studio in the fall of 2001.

Over the past 13 years I have built my Personal Training business up from a one person operation to a four trainer facility. I wrote a health and fitness blog site for four and a half years, as well as for the local newspaper for two years. My newly realized passion for writing is calling me to many arenas and I am open to them all. My evolution is inevitable and though I am content where I am, I am eager for more.

I adore being a facilitator of healing and am honored more than words can express to work in this capacity. I also have a tremendous passion for public speaking; sharing my experience, knowledge and divine guidance makes my heart sing. It is an honor and a privilege to assist people on their path any way I can. The joy I live is due to the amazing circle of loving, supportive fellow creators I am surrounded by. It is an honor to serve any and all I contact.

I Am Officially An Author!

I know that more and more people are looking for ways to stay centered, in alignment with who they really are and with their Higher Power and in this wonderful world that is full of contrast, it can be very challenging, that’s for sure.

I was meditating one morning and flashed on a visual of a small, pocket sized book that I envisioned would easily slip into any purse or pocket. This book would be a quick reference tool, a guide to assisting me back toward thoughts that are soothing, uplifting and would jog my memory as to who I really am. From that morning on I awakened nearly every morning between 3:30am and 4:30am and all I could think about is getting on my computer and writing that book. It literally poured out of me and within 3 weeks, it was finished.
There I was with an actual manifestation of what I had seen in my meditation and yet I had no earthy clue what I was to do next. Suddenly I remembered going to a friends book signing last Summer. She had told me of her marvelous experience with a down to earth Publisher that lived and worked just a couples towns east of us. I just love how the Universe works FOR me. I gave my friend a call and she was more then happy to give me her Publishers information. I emailed her the same day and within a day she had responded eager to meet and see what I had come up with.

There were a few delays due to our conflicting schedules but within 3 months of completing my book and with the amazing help of this Earth Angel Publisher, holding my hand through all the copy write processes, Library of Congress numbers and so much more, it became a reality. Truly, she is heaven sent. I am thrilled to announce that my book went to print yesterday and it is with a grateful heart and an excited spirit that I proudly present, “68 Seconds, to feel better. All you need to move toward alignment and to begin to feel better.”

The entire premise of this book is that we live in a Universe that is completely and utterly ‘attraction’ based. There is no saying “no”, when the most powerful Law in the Universe is the Law of Attraction. Every thought we think and feel is emulating out and attracting back to us more ‘like’ thoughts and feelings.

We are virtual radio towers, vibrating out into the Universe our unique frequency 24/7. If we are unconscious and asleep to the energy beings we are, we basically go through life ricocheting and reacting to “what is”, all the time wondering why we are unfulfilled and unhappy so much of the time. “68 Seconds” is designed to pull our thoughts back to the truth of who we are.

When we find ourselves caught up in the contrast and moving in a negative, downward spiral if we take as little as “68 Seconds” to redirect our thinking and to remember that life is supposed to be fun and that nothing is worth thinking about if it is sucking the joy from us. Then we elicit the powerful Law of Attraction to bring to us more of THAT. We have then begun to set into motion the shift in our energy necessary for us to begin to feel the relief that those truthful words bring. NOTHING is ever worth thinking and using as an excuse to deprive ourselves for the essence of life...NOTHING!

If you are a fellow seeker of joy, walking this earth plain with the intention of being ‘who you really are’ or if you are simply sick and tired of being sick and tired...this book is for you. I do pray that should you choose to read “68 Seconds” that it act as the helpful tool it has for me and my close friends. Do your best to trust in your inner guidance, trust that you were born a worthy being here to have fun and to assist the All that IS in the expansion of consciousness. You are loved, and supported more then you could ever know. Blessing on your path.