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Summertime: time for changing training routines & getting some fresh air!

    Routines can be just that routine. Our bodies are way too smart for us to settle into any one routine for more than a month or two. By that point, even if we are increasing weight regularly, the body has figured out the most efficient way to complete the exercises and has plateaued […]

Inspiration works where motivation fails.

…but mostly it carries us like wind beneath our wing! To some this may be splitting hairs but it FEELS very different to me so…it’s is a big deal. Motivation and inspiration have two similar connotations however, they are derived from very different places. According to Webster’s dictionary to motivate means to urge or push […]

Fitness that serves your daily life is priority #1

When people consider a fitness routine so often they construct lengthy, intense and not fun scenarios in their heads about programs that they will end up abandoning out of boredom or disdain. Believe me, it does not need to be like this at all. First of all shorter workouts fit schedules better and are also […]