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Happy, healthy holidays to ALL! Just how do we assure that?

  The Holidays are often some of the most joy filled times of the year but along with the excitement, shared love of family and friends there is the stress, roller coaster emotions and of course, huge temptations. How does one prepare themselves physically and mentally for that which lies ahead? Being genuinely true to […]

Respect and awe create a healthy body, mind & spirit.

      So few people recognize the truly miraculous gift that it is to have a human body. Right? Most of us realize we are more than our bodies in that we have a soul or spirit that occupies the vessel we call a body but that’s where it ends. We tend to reside […]

Tips for caring for yourself through the Holidays.

  We are all aware, in some cases painfully so, of the stress the Holidays bring to our lives. Yet, it IS the most magical, love filled time of year.  Wouldn’t it be a shame to thwart any of the beauty of it with feelings of guilt, resentment or fear? Sadly, many of us do […]

Inspiration works where motivation fails.

…but mostly it carries us like wind beneath our wing! To some this may be splitting hairs but it FEELS very different to me so…it’s is a big deal. Motivation and inspiration have two similar connotations however, they are derived from very different places. According to Webster’s dictionary to motivate means to urge or push […]

Be a great steward to your body and it will be great to you.

Sadly the foods we have all come to love and trust are no longer any good for us. I tried to ignore this truth and even denied it for far too long out of laziness and an addiction to fast foods. Ever wonder why once you start eating them it’s almost impossible to stop…could there […]

Fitness that serves your daily life is priority #1

When people consider a fitness routine so often they construct lengthy, intense and not fun scenarios in their heads about programs that they will end up abandoning out of boredom or disdain. Believe me, it does not need to be like this at all. First of all shorter workouts fit schedules better and are also […]