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The summer heat is on!

  As the summer heat rises we automatically loose much more of our bodily water through participating in outdoor activities that naturally cause us to perspiration. Often people begin suffering from muscle cramps, especially at night, as our muscles are in rebuild and rejuvenate mode. As they rest they seek water, as does every bodily […]

Rote habits may be a sign that you are over stressed.

    Have you ever found yourself mindlessly preforming a task unsure when you began or why? Have you found yourself preparing and eating food late at night only to find half way through the bowl you have no real memory of getting or eating that food. Or possibly you simply begin cleaning counter surfaces […]

What does “being fit” mean for you?

      It may seem rather self-explanatory however, being “fit” is actually a very individual perception. For some people it means living a life free of colds and flues, for others it is about having unlimited energy throughout their day, for athletic folks it means having the capacity to run under 5 minute miles, […]

Inspiration works where motivation fails.

…but mostly it carries us like wind beneath our wing! To some this may be splitting hairs but it FEELS very different to me so…it’s is a big deal. Motivation and inspiration have two similar connotations however, they are derived from very different places. According to Webster’s dictionary to motivate means to urge or push […]

Fitness is dependent on much more than exercise and nutrition

For many decades we have been taught that to get into shape and reach optimal levels of fitness we needed to do approximately 180 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and 2-3, 20–30 minute resistance training sessions PER week! Even most of the people who are able to accomplish this found they were still not “healthy.” The […]