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Workouts on unstable surfaces really add “CORE” training.

  As I have grown older I can certainly appreciate the necessity for a strong core. Many people think of their core as their abdominal muscle group but in fact it encompasses our entire torso from front to sides to back. Joseph Pilates created a specific training method decades ago designed to strengthen the core […]

It’s time to shake it up!

    There simply is no better time to rethink your fitness program then when the seasons change. This entire part of the planet is in the process of slowing down, pulling inward and rejuvenating. I have to admit to being partial to workouts that take me outside; nature has always had such an uplifting […]

The Results Of Our Desk Jobs Are Beginning To Show.

As we all put the holidays in the past and sojourn into the New Year some of the things that are unchanged in our lives may begin to demand our attention. If you work 40+ hr. /wk. at a profession that requires you be seated most of the time, work at a computer or drive […]

Be a great steward to your body and it will be great to you.

Sadly the foods we have all come to love and trust are no longer any good for us. I tried to ignore this truth and even denied it for far too long out of laziness and an addiction to fast foods. Ever wonder why once you start eating them it’s almost impossible to stop…could there […]

Fitness that serves your daily life is priority #1

When people consider a fitness routine so often they construct lengthy, intense and not fun scenarios in their heads about programs that they will end up abandoning out of boredom or disdain. Believe me, it does not need to be like this at all. First of all shorter workouts fit schedules better and are also […]